Home Sweet Home

Its All About YOU!!!

I consider myself a very visual person. I appreciate the arts. I love crafts and making my own props. It's how I express my creativity. I create custom photo shoots with your ideas in mind. I utilize materials like paint, paper and fabric...and I can even help create the wardrobe you envision for your photo shoot. I have been doing this for my daughters, and almost everything you see on my page is something I've created...from the dresses to the backdrops...all brought to life from a small vision that I conceived.

My photography is done in studio, with the subject (YOU), the focus of my attention. I believe that you are the center of beauty, and because this is my philosophy, it shouldn't matter where the photos are taken, whether in studio, or on location. This moment is all about YOU!

Sit with me, and let's talk about what you envision for yourself and let's make it happen!