Welcome to the Events page. If you've already had your session and have viewed your photos, this is where you can make a purchase towards prints or a package.


 1. Log in to the Event by selecting the event below and typing in your access code. You will need to stay logged in to make a purchase. 

 2. Select your favorites.

 3. Once you have selected your favorites, you can go directly to the first image you wish to purchase, and select "Buy" if you are purchasing images only, and not the package. If you are purchasing more than one image, select "Continue Shopping", and go to your next selection. Once you are done with your selections, you can checkout securely.

 4. If you are purchasing a package, select your first image, and then select  "Buy" and you will soon see an option "Print Size" or "Other Item". You will need to select "Other Item", then select "Package" and then select your desired package. Then select "Continue Shopping", and select the next image until you have fulfilled the number of poses for your package.

 5. Once you have made all your selections, you should be able to checkout securely.