Invest in Emmarie's work

With Emmarie Jackson, you will be working with a talented artist who, with her creativity can bring your visions to life, and elevate your experience with photo shoots to the next level. Invest in her work that you can cherish and last a lifetime! (See Investment rates below)

My Retainer Fee is $200


Portraits are $100 each (Print with digital)


Portraits on the wall start at $220


Folio Box Collections start at $900


A La Carte available 


Video Option available for an additional $250 


The Retainer Fee covers the session, and is non-refundable if you choose to cancel. 


For the ultimate experience, you may select a video option to have your session on complete video, with image slideshow, for an additional $250.


You will not make a purchase until you have seen all your portraits, and only after then will you make the final decision. You only purchase what you want, and you have the freedom to design your own collection based on the portraits you select. 


*NOTE: My rates are subject to change without notice.