I was born in New York City, but I lived and traveled around the world and country for most of my life. About a little over a decade ago, I've decided to settle with my family in Arlington, Texas, a city just about 30 minutes away from Dallas.

I started my photography career just about after we moved, and its been a lot of self discovery for me. Prior to picking up a camera, I had no idea that I had any artistic talent. I was inspired by the birth of my children, and photographs suddenly became a staple in my home. Since then, I had developed skills in areas that I never thought I could grow into. I have evolved into a well traveled and published photographer over the years.

My work is featured both locally and internationally, among them include Popsugar, Yahoo, and Europe based French Wedding Style. Locally, I am published in Dallas Voyage Magazine, Tacari Weddings, Layers of Luxe, and A Princess Inspired, to mention a few.

My shooting style is of the elegant and timeless look. Much of my captures are European inspired, and after being introduced to the Fuji Film look, I instantly fell in love. My color tones are light and subtle, with a punch of contrast. And my black and whites are rich in blacks and highlight. Personally, I believe in empowering women, and celebrating milestones, which is why I've chosen the path of photographing weddings to document, women to reflect to themselves their inner beauty, and high school seniors for reaching a major milestone. What I deliver to you is a product that I craft uniquely just for you, to cherish for lifetimes and generations to follow.

Locally and internationally featured in: