I am a businesswoman, an award winning, internationally published fashion and boudoir photographer. My work has been featured across North America, Amsterdam, France and the U.K.

2010 was the year I first held a real camera. Only 2 years after relocating to Texas and after my oldest child was born. Like a marriage, my love and passion for photography grew stronger every day, with every year. But it wasn't until 2012 when contemporary portraiture caught my attention.

The appreciation for beauty and fashion was always in me. When I was 17, I started to follow a path that I thought was for me. I had an early affinity for beauty pageants and modeling, but unfortunately, I had never gotten very far with it. But after many years later, I've discovered a different way to channel that same appreciation. I now photograph women to help empower and rediscover themselves for their true potential.

I've been told that I have a discerning eye for fashion and beauty. I love creating new looks that are stylish and different with a touch of class. I am passionate about fine elegance, which I believe can be present with any look. I could photograph the grungiest off the wall look and still give it an elegant touch, but that's just me.