About a year and a half ago...

...I decided that I wanted to resume photography. Even though I had previously been in the business, I felt that I needed a break. I had my 2nd child in 2011, and although that seemed like ages ago, I took a break somewhere in between then and 2018. I worked full time (until now), and even though the dream was there, the time to dedicate to it unfortunately was not. I was taking on too much that I had burned myself out. I decided that I needed to drop something, and my regularly scheduled paycheck was not going to be it.

So, fast forward to mid 2018 when both my children were old enough to somewhat be self sustaining, I found myself creeping back into crafting and photography. The fire was still there, and although I continued to work a full time job, I decided to slowly get back into the swing of things. The first 6 months were hard to get back into, especially without any activity. My work had suffered. I had no new material to market, and I had lost some of the skills I previously had. I was losing hope.

I created a post in Facebook to get my name back out there, hoping that someone would give me a chance, and sure enough, there were a few who did.

2019 is my GREATEST year so far. I was able to book multiple weddings, I've met and networked with many vendors and made new friends in the industry, I've rebuilt my portfolio and website and started to travel the world! I was even able to discover my own style and become an official "published photographer"! My brand is now well defined and I look forward to shaping and marketing it even more in 2020!

Thank you to all of my lovely clients. This post is dedicated to everyone who had taken a chance on me, and helped me achieve my 2019 goals!