Celebrating Matthew and Karrie at the Perot Museum was a beautiful experience for everyone who attended, including myself. It was my first time to capture a wedding there and I was excited to see what the place had to offer!

Matthew and Karrie were married at the 3rd level of the Gems and Stones at the museum. Karrie was a Geology major and decided to make gems and stones part of her theme. In lieu of a bouquet, she decided to carry a basket of rocks in a heart shaped basket. Once at the reception hall, they both brought to the celebration everything their heart desired. There was a giraffe, a dragon, and a dinosaur. Instead of traditional wedding cake, they opted for cake pops and ice cream for dessert!

....And after all was said and done, it was said that they lived happily ever after...

(Images by Emmarie Jackson and Michelle Nolte)