Un de mes rêve de vie

...était de visiter Paris, France et de ne faire qu'un avec les Français.

Two years prior to going on the trip, I decided to study French. My fear of getting lost in a crowd without knowing how to communicate is what drove me to do that. Surprisingly, it was not the culture. Apparently my fear of getting lost is bigger than not being able to fit in. Ha! But after 2 years of lessons, listening to French radio and watching French TV shows, my French became decent enough. I was able to hold conversation over the phone and even with my cab driver. But I digress...

This was perhaps the greatest trip I have ever taken, not because it was my dream, but because of the memories I was able to make with my daughters and my mom. We've experienced everything you can imagine, from getting lost in the city to witnessing a fight in the subways of Paris. I know that sounds crazy, but everything was so raw, looking back, we have a lot of laughs together reminiscing. We walked all over the city until our feet got sore, and almost getting on the wrong train! We got caught in the rain on our way walking to the Eiffel Tower, and had an amazing lunch at 58 Tour Eiffel. We rode the train from one end of the city of Versailles and back to the other end, which was Disneyland! We learned that the Museé du Louvre was an entire kilometre long! I saw King Louis' XXIV's bedroom, and took in everything As I saw the world famous Hall of Mirrors inside the Chateau du Versailles. And of course my favorite was walking along the gardens of Jardin du Chateau du Versailles!

Finally, I have completed the full gallery of our trip and I am so happy to share the sights we saw!