We traveled to White Sands New Mexico for a couple of days for a "destination" engagement and elopement styled shoot. This shoot was styled by Taylor Baxter Olivares, and the theme was "A Day in Dubai". She did a magnificent job with the head pieces and desert florals. Even our groom Daniel looked desert inspired sporting his scarf.

Day one was supposed to be the engagement session. Day one was a hot sunny day. You can definitely see the whiteness of the sand. It was almost 100 degrees, but our shoot started early evening, around sunset. The truth is, if you take off your shoes, you're better off walking because the sand was pretty cool. We were prepared with lots of water and were ready to go!

It was so much fun! Although a little difficult to get the angles you wanted because there were almost 30 photographers at this event. You just had to be aggressive and sometimes improvise. I was able to walk a way that day with these favorites of mine, for sure!



Day two was quite the opposite in terms of weather. We thought it would rain. It looked like a storm was coming in, as we could see grey clouds start to cover White Sands. Luckily, it was just cloudy, and it didn't rain. The clouds did help give some beautiful texture to the images.

Diana looked so gorgeous in her white chiffon dress and desert floral bouquet. Anyway, we were in for a treat, because we had a special guest, Mitchell the camel! Mitchell arrived with his trainer and made a special appearance! You know for sure that everyone wanted a photo op with Mitch! We had to get Daniel and Diana together with Mitchell.

White Sands was an adventure for sure! I can't wait to go back and have another session! Although I can't guarantee a camel, but you never know! We might see something else that could be worth the photo op!