I visited Houston for a huge event by Styled Shoots Across America. It was my first one with them, and the very first Shoot Crawl ever. It was held at Chateau Cocomar, a large luxury wedding venue in the heart of Tomball, about 30 minutes outside of Houston. The original date of this event was supposed to have been March 2020. But of course due to COVID, it had to be rescheduled. So eventually, I was able to go September that same year. In other words, I am now just posting the blog about it.

The concept of the "Shoot Crawl" was that a group of 5 photographers would shoot one station, then another group of 5 would move onto the same room, and my group and I would move over to the next. Hence, literally shoot, then crawl. There would be a total of 5 major stations, each with a different theme. We open up this blog post with images from the Bridal Suite.

As you can see, there are raindrops on the windows. It was raining that day, obviously. What a coincidence, my second time to travel to Houston, and it rains just like the first time I visited. But that is neither here nor there. But let's just say that it was anticipated, which is why I was prepared. I brought lights for this shoot, and as you can see, our bride looks so gorgeous and beautifully lit despite the heavy rain.

Stay tuned for the next post, which will be another station from Chateau Cocomar, featuring a beautiful theme of blue!