Of course traveling to the beach gives you all the beachy swimsuit vibes. You can't simply go do just an elopement shoot without including a dreamy swimsuit and beauty session. This post, which is part 2 is dedicated to Sarah. I've been photographing Sarah since 2017, and I just love working with her. She's very sweet and just loves to travel with us. This trip was definitely not complete without her.

We did a dream beauty session with her in her favorite beach outfit, a nice warm peach skirt and a crop top for a nice comfy yet stylish look. We followed that with a fluffy tulle gown and matched her dress with a pink and purple eye shadow look, which was just sheer perfection on her.


You've always heard of pretty in pink, but unlikely pretty in purple! We've changed that statement as we dressed up Sarah in this beautiful fluffy purple tulle dress!!!


As our two hours on the beach were winding down, we decided to get the girls into their swimsuits. It was almost 7pm, and golden hour was right around the corner, we had to hurry. I was filming live and Michelle continued to take stills. It felt like a difficult task because the waters of the Pacific Northwest are not exactly warm. And we tasked the girls to lay in the cold wet sand. Being a model isn't always glamorous, it does come with a little price.

But as always we all get the job done. We captured golden hour at Cannon Beach! Check out these beautiful warm golden images of Sarah and Hannah in our swimsuit edition while we take Oregon!