I had a dream of blue

Sometimes I like styling my own shoots, doing creative ones in my spare time. My brain works a hundred miles an hour and I have to put my vision to work soon, otherwise I will either change my mind or lose interest. Last year, I've styled "The Versatility of White" and "Making a Statement in Red" which were both color inspired. This time, I dreamt of blue. And not just any blue, a rich royal, modern Cinderella like blue. Originally, the plan was to just do a Cinderella inspired theme, but I took it a notch up and decided to make it blue themed, with a fantasy look in the end. So I came up with a plan to start with a simple blue smoky eye makeup look for the first 2 sets, then finish the shoot with blue feather lashes and gems.

Since I was doing a blue theme especially with Cinderella blue, I needed someone with a Cinderella look. I knew the perfect girl. I work with Megan in Uptown Dallas, and I asked her if she was interested to stand in for the part. She looked at me with a big smile and said yes, of course!

I wanted to put a team together to do this, but unfortunately, everyone was busy due to wedding season, so Michelle and I had to do this on our own. I rarely do makeup because it eats up a lot of my time and takes away prep time at the studio, but it had to be done. And since I knew perfectly well what I wanted out of this project, I guess you can say it was easier than to explain exactly what I needed.

Blue smoky eye with pink lip

We started with going simple, working our way to the heavy stuff. So I did Megan's makeup with a nice blue smoky eye with a light pink lip, so that the lip color wouldn't compete with the eyes. Michelle did large waves for her hair and left it down instead of an updo. The look was very classic and soft.

For the first set, I had Megan wear a periwinkle dress, that was closer to the original Cinderella color. I added a small setup with Cinderella inspired decor such as a porcelain butterfly and one of the blue bouquets courtesy of The Cascade Queen Designs, and draped a light blue cheese cloth over the coffee table. You can say that it was a nice added touch. I had asked Michelle to run the hair dryer for me to give Megan some air for that wind effect on her hair.

Then we added on the headpiece, also courtesy of The Cascade Queen Designs. I had asked her to make this one a little more deeper blue with different intensities. Girl never disappoints! The headpiece was a very lovely addition and added some life to the images! The butterflies made it even more beautiful!

Below you can see a few behind the scenes of me working with Megan on how to place her hands and position her chin. Its one of the things I always look for. I make sure hands are always soft, and toes are pointed as well if feet are to be seen in the image.


I only had 2 outfit changes in mind when I was putting together details of this shoot. I like to work with at least three when its a color theme. So I had to think. I really was not prepared for the third one. But I did remember that I had used a blue cheesecloth in Oregon as a table runner, so I grabbed it. I saw that it was long enough to drape around Megan, so I used is a prop for a few subtle boudoir images. It reminded me of an Aphrodite look having it over just one shoulder and pinned on both sides of her waist. I am definitely going to need more of these in different colors to add to the wardrobe!


As you can see, I was the makeup artist for this shoot. It was very hard to find blue feather lashes, but I was able to find turquoise ones at Amazon, even though it came in a pack of 10 different colors. It was close enough. I just had to do a little magic in Photoshop to bring the color to a bluer side.

Anyway, I couldn't decide on whether to do a pink lip or blue lip, so I did both. However, I did not have blue lipstick, but Michelle found a way to use concealer and steel blue metallic eyeshadow. I started off with the pink lip, so as you can see below, the pink lip images are a bit warmer overall to match the mood, as compared to the blue lip. I edited the ones in blue to have a cooler effect on the overall images.

Final Images

I am very very happy with the images overall! The last set was my absolute favorite because I was able to bring my concept to life. A blue fluffy dress, gorgeous headpiece, matching jewelry, and the exact makeup look I wanted. Megan did such a great job! And I will be saving these images for the next round of Portrait Masters!