As I was on a family vacation in Hawaii with my good friend Michelle, we could not help it. We had to create a project, even though it would be a small one. That would be the smart thing to do, if you're a photographer. You try to sneak in a little work adventure whenever you can! So we met up with Richard and Leilani at Kualola Regional Park.

The drive was a beautiful one from Waikiki. It was about 45 minutes away, and we encountered some rain, but seeing the mountains and the trees made it all worthwhile. The mountains were so majestic, and the view was breathtaking!

We chose to shoot at Kualoa Regional park for several reasons. The selfish reason of course, was to have a few pictures of our own taken, and of course breathe in all the beautiful views of the island. The secondary reason was that, Kualoa Regional Park had free admission, and right beside it, was Kualoa Beach. It was like hitting 2 birds with one stone!

So when we arrive, Richard and Leilani were so welcoming and warm! Leilani brought us some local pastries, and she even brought her own headpiece, and a Lei for Richard. It was much appreciated because all we came with was a wedding dress. We did not even think of bringing any flowers. It all worked out perfect!

We started the shoot off with a little fun, just playing and dancing underneath the lemon tree, getting a gorgeous background shot of the mountains in front of us. We walked towards more trees, and slowed down to walk towards the beach. See the pretty playful images of Richard and Leilani below.




As we headed to the beach, I have to admit that I did not imagine them getting in the water. I was particularly careful that Leilani would not get swept in the water in her heavy dress, so I tried to work as quickly as possible. Over all, the shoot we did was just about an hour, and we walked away happy!

What an adventure we had in Hawaii. It was just too bad that we did not have time or a pass to go next door. Apparently, right next to the Regional Park was the official site of where Jurassic Park was filmed! Oh well, there is always a next time!


We always try to get some fun behind the scenes photos so everyone can see how much fun we have working!