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We finally get to a wedding post! Welcome to the Blue Themed Room at Chateau Cocomar in Houston. Well, it isn't literally Blue in color, but the theme was blue. I LOVE a blue theme. In fact, the elopement shoot that I styled myself was blue. If you recall the Oregon elopement that I styled last year, that was a predominantly blue palate. You can see for yourself here.

One thing about a predominantly blue palate is that blue roses are rare. I mean, I could be wrong, but if you love roses, and flowers like peonies and ranunculus, you might have a difficult time. You have to be a lover of violets and hydrangeas. In this palate, the flowers are mostly white roses with a hint of blue hydrangeas and blue bells. Hydrangeas are huge and can fill an arrangement well, but they need to be soaked in water constantly.

I entered the room and it was a gorgeous palate of blues and white. Rich dark blue, and periwinkle, even royal blue on the cake! The stationery set was very elegant in navy blue with light blue and white calligraphy. The centerpieces were white roses with some blue bells, and the linens were white with blue floral print. As you get to the flower arch, you could see the same white roses with fluffy hydrangeas covering a bed of greens.

As we get to the highlight of this palate, of course, the most stunning were our bride and groom. Our bride Sitara had on a beautiful caped wedding dress and had a bouquet of white roses and peonies, while our groom Brian, was sporting a blue grey tuxedo with a white tie. This was the perfect blue theme anyone can ask for!