As I open up Part 2, there are a few more stories to tell (that I can remember) from our Haunted History tour that I thought are worth telling. Two of my favorites are the Hotel Provincial and Andrew Jackson Hotel.


The land on which Hotel Provincial stands was a grant from the king of Rance, Louis XV. He gave it to Bienville Lieutenant Louis Boucher de Granpre in 1725.

The land was bought by Chevalier Jean Lavillebeuvre and then purchased and developed by the Roque and Laurans families during the 1800s. The land was sold to the French Market Ice Company in 1903.

Finally, the Dupepe family purchased the property in 1958 and the family built the buildings which became the hotel that opened in 1961.

Part of the building was used as a medicinal herb garden supplied to the Military Hospital which is just down the street. The slaves’ quarters and the townhouse were built in 1825 and the latest restoration was completed in 1967.

But prior to this building becoming a hotel, it was once a Military Hospital. Wounded soldiers were brought here without being told how they would be treated. It was said, that the soldiers would often wake up and just realize that they have lost a limb or a leg. It was apparently an Amputation Hospital.

In 2011, two brothers were travelling to New Orleans to celebrate a 21st birthday. They both had a great time and came home one night to room #5, and planned to have another night out the following night. However, in the middle of the night, One of the brothers fell asleep and woke up in the middle of the night and saw that the bathroom light was on, and the door cracked open. He also saw a shadow, and just thought it was his brother who might have gotten up to use the bathroom. However, he soon realized that the shadow was coming closer and closer to him, and was soon right over him with his arm up, looking about ready to cut off a limb. He suddenly felt a sharp pain in his arm and screamed. He couldn't move, but his screaming had woken up his brother. Luckily, it was just a hallucination. Neither one could explain what had happened, or the pain the other had felt, But both brothers were of course terrified.

It was said that the next day, they had gotten on the next flight out and never returned to New Orleans.

The Andrew Jackson Hotel

The Andrew Jackson Hotel was built in 1890, but the site on which it stands already had many tales to tell before the hotel was constructed. In 1792, the grounds were home to a boarding school and orphanage for boys, many of whom had lost their parents to Yellow Fever. Just two years later, in December of 1794, a devastating fire swept through the city, destroying a large number of the incredible buildings throughout the Quarter. The successful boarding school was one of the buildings that crumbled among the flames, and inside of it, five young orphan boys perished. Today, guests have sworn that they have heard laughter and footsteps as the boys run around the hotel and play in the courtyard. Some guests have even claimed to be on the receiving end of harmless pranks, such as turning televisions on at night and other ghostly hijinks. 

After the boarding school burned down in 1794, a US Federal Courthouse was erected at the site and remained until before the turn of the 20th century, when it was demolished. It was the courthouse where Major General Andrew Jackson was indicted for contempt of court and charged with obstruction of justice, shortly after Jackson and his troops defeated the British in the Battle of New Orleans. Many guests have claimed to spot the ghost of Andrew Jackson parading around the halls of the hotel, often pacing, worried about his next court case hearing.

Interesting Facts

Some buildings at the French Quarter will have these spikes. These spikes were made to prevent young Romeos to their young Juliets. A story once told, there was a young girl who was supposed to attend a dinner with her parents. However, she insisted she stayed home, and explained that she was approaching coming of age, and wanted to prove herself responsible. Her father hesitantly agreed, and the daughter stayed home. A young boy she knew found out she was home and decided to climb up to her room. It was easy to climb up, but very tricky to get down. Unfortunately, the girl's father had forgotten something at home right after they left, and decided to go back home. After getting back home, he could hear some talking up in the daughter's room, and so he decided to go in and discovered the young boy in her room. The young boy suddenly got up and rushed to the window and tried to get down, but as he rushed, he accidentally got pierced in the neck with one of the spikes, and as he fell, his midsection was torn by the spike leaving his insides falling out of his stomach as he died from the injury.

the creole queen paddleboat cruise

I think this definitely was the most relaxing and most comfortable part of our trip. After a long couple of hours walking around Jackson Square, my feet were so tired. I was looking forward to just having a nice dinner and sitting on a boat sight seeing.

If you are looking for a nice relaxing cruise in New Orleans with good food, this is definitely one of the ones you should check out. The food was great, served buffet style. They had salad, choices of beef, chicken, and Cajun style pasta or rice and Jamblaya. The atmosphere was clean and all the tables were set very nicely.

After dinner, you are free to go up the stairs to listen to live music and see the sights of the city. That night we went, there was a nice cool breeze, so we really enjoyed just sitting around the boat and looking at everything we could see while listening to some really good music.

Overall, New Orleans did not disappoint. It was a really nice short weekend getaway that was worth our drive. The food everywhere we went was really good. Even the fast food "Voodoo Chicken" we had for lunch was even better than Popeyes, I think.

There are so many things to do and see, we definitely need to come back for the swamp tours and maybe do a plantation tour as well!