Well here we are with Part 2 of our Versatility of White Shoot with August, and today, I present to you some of the details that I forgot to post from Part I, as well as the rest of our White Shoot Images. If you didn't catch Part 1, you can visit here and check it out for yourself.

To open up Part 2, I have posted the details of what August wore for the entirety of the shoot. I had curated this style and wardrobe myself. I hand picked the items that makeup the outfit, the accessories, and I even made the angel wings myself. This was our very first shoot using our "Dream Angel Wings" in White. We also happen to carry Black and Pink. These angel wings are made with 100% ostrich feathers that make them look very soft and fluffy!



My style of Boudoir is very fun, not dark and moody, and neither light and airy. I like to consider it more of a beauty, or even fashion type- the type that you would see in lingerie catalogs. I think August did a great job projecting the style I was looking for.

After the Vintage White portion of the shoot, it was time for her to just remove the hat, gloves and skirt, and Viola! It was a very versatile day look that transformed into a fun bedroom look!



This is my favorite part. And of course I always have to have a back story behind my favorite parts. As some of you may know, I am actually a full time accountant for a real estate firm. I've acquired my CPA in 2010 and I've been doing a lot of accounting work since then. In other words, I have a day job. And having a day job can make it difficult to balance the photography. I often say, that my day job always gets in the way of my projects! Haha!

So, right before this shoot, I had recently started a new job. I was lucky that the job I now have allows us to work from home twice a week. I was fortunate that I was home on the day of the shoot, because I didn't quite earn time off at the time. And even the little that I had, was already spoken for, which I had taken for Hawaii (see the story here).

After wrong call times and the big band aid fiasco got resolved, I had come across another ordeal. My boss decided to try to find me at the time of switching over to the wings portion. Apparently, my phone and emails were blowing up because she needed help figuring out something...I noticed it right after the white boudoir shoot, as I had some time to glance over at my phone. At this point, I handed over my camera to Michelle to shoot this portion. Once again, Michelle to the rescue, as it was time for a major outfit change. This time we did the wings, and changed August's hairstyle to long and straight!

It all turned out very dreamy and gorgeous! Check out the images and the video I produced of it all below!

Well this concludes today's blog post, I hope you enjoyed seeing the images and reading the story behind it all. I will try to come back with a wedding post in the next few weeks on a trip I made to Houston! Thanks for stopping by, and see you next time!