I am very proud of this shoot for so many reasons. For one, I styled this shoot 100%. Everything you see here was my concept, my idea, I even handcrafted part of the wardrobe myself. My team and I were extremely excited for this because we were able to secure a photoshoot with Ms. August McQueen, aka @augusthemodel on Instagram. I started hearing about her a couple of years ago after the San Antonio Mission shoot, which she was a part of, that was organized by Taylor Olivares of Traveling Shoots with Taylor.

I followed her and contacted her when she was in town, but I was unable to work with her during the times that she was in Dallas due to schedule conflict. However, she soon found herself going between Texas and Los Angeles at the time we were planning this. So she finally contacted me back and agreed to work with us!

This was an exclusive shoot, meaning that I did not share this shoot with any other photographer (other than Michelle). And I am so happy that this was an exclusive, because soon after it, she permanently moved to Los Angeles and became an ambassador for a very popular brand. So, I got her just in time!

So, the day finally arrived and we were all excited! Brittney, our makeup artist was especially ready. She sent me her mood board inspiration and planned on doing a white smokey eye. The theme of this shoot was all white! The official title when it got published on LeCoeur Magazine was "The Versatility of White". I made a pair of beautiful white angel wings made of 100% ostrich feathers!

On the morning of the shoot, I was reading my emails to August, trying to organize the timeline. As I'm looking and reading through, I see that the call time I sent her was 1pm. She texts me to confirm that her flight will be arriving on time, so 1pm was perfect. Then, I read my texts and I soon realized that Brittney and Lauren had 12pm! I was in panic mode because I now had to rearrange the schedules. They've probably already worked around that schedule, so I was praying it wouldn't be much of a problem. I mean it was just an hour. But luckily, both ladies were able to adjust.

However, August asks me, what time the shoot will finish, because she had a flight to catch and had to be done by 3pm. So now I was officially in panic mode because, if we start at 1pm, just hair and makeup alone is one hour, maybe more. And we had 3 outfit changes to do! So I'm calling Michelle and she is trying to reassure me things will be ok. So she was able to talk me down to just expecting a good 30 images out of the shoot. She kept telling me..."but she's a pro, it should be easy to just work with her, I promise it will go really fast". Ok, fine.

Finally, August arrives. She's taken an Uber to my studio. She comes in the door, says hi....and asks for a band aid! We were all like "What happened"? She said, as she was getting out of the car, she shuts the door, and hits her head on the corner of the door!!! There was blood gushing out of the corner of her eye! We had to quickly think, and so I got some Neosporin and taped up her eye with a band aid. OMG can this day get any worse?

After a lot of fuss, and getting the bleeding to calm, we all took a big sigh of relief and finally were able to get everything organized and we got on with the shoot. Hair and makeup is always the fun part because there's a lot of chit chat, talking the girls down, reassuring things will be ok. You know, "barber shop" stuff where we just have fun and relax. It's usually my time to think on how to map the shoot.


Starting off with Vintage WHITE

This look was very easy. It was an "homage" to the 80's Madonna look. It was just a lace onesie, with a white tulle skirt, accented with a rhinestone belt. We added long white lace gloves, and a nice white derby hat for the finishing touch. The white smokey eye looked so perfect with it.

I helped August put on the gloves. It was a bit difficult to do waist poses because the lace gloves got stuck to the rhinestones. But it worked out and it looked so gorgeous. The look was vintage, yet modern and so elegant.

Michelle helped me map out the shoot. We always start off using the backdrop, that way, once we are done with it, we just break it down, stow away, and just work with the open space. That is always the first set with start with on any shoot. We love using painted backdrops because it always gives a classic "olyphant" look. Check out the first few images below IN VINTAGE WHITE.

in vintage white

Next, we moved onto in front of the faux fireplace. The grey royal chair made a perfect prop. I had her both sit on it, as well as use it to rest her elbows while having her sit on the floor. Using a prop like this always helps bring out open spaces between the body and arms (created by triangles around the body), as seen in the poses in the images below.


Have I already mentioned that I absolutely love this shoot? I was able to get August in all the essential places of the studio. The faux fireplace, in front of the frames, and even one at the piano. It was because of my bad judgement to use a zoom lens (which makes the images softer and out of focus at times) which is why I only have two good images at the piano.

I have pretty images overall, and I can't be any happier! The look was classic, yet trendy and August just did a great job bringing my vision to life. This was originally supposed to be a bridal, I guess it still can be, but you can definitely put a fashion twist to it! Stay tuned for Part 2 coming next week!