What an unforgettable trip! I've been to so many places around the country and the world, but I keep saying that Oregon was one of the prettiest places I've seen in my life. Cannon Beach especially took my breath away. So you can definitely say there were a few "firsts" for this trip that made it unforgettable as well. It was my first time to see Oregon and to host an elopement styled shoot, and it was Bianca's ever first plane ride. For those who don't know, Bianca is our ever so loyal assistant. She did a lot of the research on what we needed to be able to shoot at Cannon Beach.

I'm not going to give too much away, but as I've mentioned, this was a styled elopement shoot. We wanted capture the beauty of the beach with a couple on it. So we took with us our friends Hannah and Jeff, who stood in as the lucky bride and groom. So remember I said previously about "firsts"? Well, this was Jeff's first time to do a shoot as well!

It was a fun trip, and a tiring one for sure! I think we had a total of maybe 5 to 6 hours of sleep total! Our flight out was an early 8 am Monday, and our flight back to Dallas was at 6am Wednesday. Not to mention that we were staying about 2 hours away from the airport on the way back, that meant that we had to get up at 2am on Wednesday to drive to the Portland airport, return our car, and check in ahead of time. Needless to say, we were dead tired at the end of the trip.

But I digress. It was a beautiful sunny day when we arrived. We had gathered all the things we needed. I was able to pack so much, which included two huge dresses, three candle holders and a bouquet. I had to vacuum pack the dresses so that they could fit in my suitcase. Then when we landed in Portland, we had to make a few pit stops at the Goodwill store to find things we could use for props. We found plates, picture frames, glasses etc.

The following day, we strolled around Seaside to find specialty shops that might carry souvenirs that we could use. I found starfish and sea glass for the perfect touch.

Tuesday afternoon comes along, and we were ready. We needed a table to use for the details, so we ended up "borrowing" the table in Jeff's room. Imagine how we had to get that table and all the items we packed and shopped for onto the beach by the monolith. It must have been a mile walk. And to think we were walking on sand, carrying things!!!

Jeff was so nervous when we started. That was expected though. Its very common to be nervous in the beginning, then as you get on, it usually gets better. Everybody was game, the water was cold, and it took all the moms - myself, Michelle and Bianca to warm up Hannah in between takes. The goal was to finish everything in 2 hours. Bianca kept the time, and we had to be on our toes. I shot video, and Michelle took stills. The outcome was beautiful! Look at these images we captured! A collaborative effort between Michelle and myself as always!


I say Hannah as "Alyssa" because the invites we used had the names "Joseph and Alyssa". She looked so gorgeous in that blue tulle dress! I was afraid it would not fit, but the elastic inside the bodice helped so much to make it fit on Hannah.


Look at all the pretty things we found while we were there! The shells, the fabric, plates, sea dollars and sea glass, and of course that gorgeous center piece by Cascade Queen Designs!


This was perhaps the most impromptu thing we've done on this shoot. We thought we were done, but Michelle asked Jeff, why don't you unbutton your shirt? She took a picture. Then she says, now take it off...then continues to take a couple more pictures. Imagine the surprise on our faces when we saw these!


We finished the day by doing a swimsuit shoot with Sarah and Hannah while Jeff carried off the props and brought them back to the hotel. So it's worth mentioning that we do have another part of this shoot to share of the girls. In the meantime, here are a few behind the scenes of us working, and a beautiful sunset image of Cannon Beach at sunset.